Маленький тедди ручной работы с сердечком

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Розы, красивые, с крупным бутоном, согретые щедрым эквадорским солнцем, насыщающим лепестки богатым цветом, а ствол блестящей листвой.

Розы будут упакованы в шуршащую двустороннюю бумагу, обернутую оливковой ленточкой. К букету мы приложим ваше персональное послание в красивой карточке.

Обычно длина роз составляет 60-70 см, и только в некоторых букетах, для придания им пышности, розы обрезаются до длины 45-50 см.
We deliver between 10am and 11pm daily. Orders completed:
- before 10am are delivered from 10am to 2pm of the same day the earliest
- before 2pm are delivered from 2pm to 6pm of the same day the earliest
- before 6pm are delivered from 6pm to 11pm of the same day the earliest
- after 6pm are delivered from 10am to 2pm of the next day the earliest
Should you need more urgent delivery, please, contact us via e-mail hello@lovelyroses.ru or call on +7 499 686 01 45. 

Delivery within Moscow MKAD for orders over 2500 RUR is free. 
The cost of delivery of orders under 2500 RUR within Moscow MKAD is 500RUR. 
The cost of delivery outside Moscow MKAD is 55 RUR per kilometer.
The order can be paid for with one of the following:
- Visa or MasterCard
- Yandex.Money
- Webmoney
- Qiwi
- wire transfer to our bank account.

not available

teddy with heart. This high-quality toy is destined to make everybody feel happy. Height: 23 cm

05 April 2020
10.00 - 14.00


1286.45032644 $

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Small handmade teddy with a heart

Beautiful large headed roses warmed by the generous Equadorian sun to deliver vibrant colors and thick glossy leaves.

We will pack the roses carefully into a bouquet, wrapping them with expensive kraft paper adding a compliments card with your personal message.

The usual lengh of roses is between 60 and 70 sm, but for some bouquets we cut them to 45-50 cm for optimal look.