Delivering flowers is not really what we do.

We know that when we deliver flowers we're really delivering messages. Of love, of friendship, hope and happiness or encouragement.

  • Support farmers - choose local flowers

    Support farmers - choose local flowers

    Let’s support local small business, they are most vulnerable to the global crisis caused by pandemic. Each bouquet represents the effort they put into the soil in order to grow flowers that will make people happy. Choose local – make farmers’ life easier.

  • It's never too late to say it with flowers

    It's never too late to say it with flowers

    "They do not love that do not show their love." William Shakespeare. Send boxes roses and chocolate to express your feelings.

  • Our shop in Tbilisi

    Our shop in Tbilisi

    Our shop is located in the oldest part of Tbilisi, Vera, behind Philarmonia, between Kostava and Melikishvili streets. This area is also called Pikris Gora ("Hill of Thoughts").

  • Our roses.

    Our roses.

    Our beautiful large-headed long stemmed roses are warmed by the generous Southern sun to deliver vibrant colors and thick glossy leaves. Expensive? Yes. Stunning? Absolutely!

  • Local and imported flowers.

    Local and imported flowers.

    We create our flower arrangements selecting best local flowers and flowers imported from Holland, Ecuador and Kenya. Some of them you can view on our site.

  • Purpose of flowers

    Purpose of flowers

    Flowers have many diverse uses. Designers use them to decorate space. Countries even use flowers as the state symbol. We help you share your feelings with dear ones – love, friendship, loyalty, sympathy and others.

  • Wedding decoration

    Wedding decoration

    The weddings season is open! Come visit us so we could plan your dream wedding floral decoration together. We are located in the old part of town, Pikris Gora, Ghambashidze 10.

  • The most unusual flower compositions.

    The most unusual flower compositions.

    Our florists will prepare for you any bouquet or composition from our catalog or we can come up with something new and unusual together.

  • Your message.

    Your message.

    Of course the true gift is your personal message, our Lovely Roses are simply a delightful way to underline that message.

Additional gifts

Additional gifts

Starting at

$ 14.67

Corporate presents

Corporate presents

Starting at

$ 0.19

Boxed flowers

Boxed flowers

Starting at

$ 28.95


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Free delivery from 3500 RUR (around $ 54) within Moscow MKAD.

Flower shop accepts credit cards or electronic money.

Daily flower delivery from 10:00 to 23:00.

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Flower delivery Moscow -

We at Lovely Roses assure you that our collection of fresh flowers will do the job they are meant for and in the best way. Our online flower delivery shop in Moscow creates floral arrangements with hands using flowers that do not lose their bloom even after days they are delivered.

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Send flowers to Moscow-

Our flowers to Moscow services star the most stunning collection of roses you will ever find. Choose from an array of gorgeous bouquets and have it delivered to the doorstep of that someone special and let them know how much you really care about.

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Florist Moscow -

The fact about LovelyRoses is they never fail to delight the one who gets it. That's why we choose only those flowers that are fresh and appear as stunning as possible. At our online florist Moscow shop, each rose is checked for perfection and thereafter added to the bouquet so that it will captivate the heart of your loved ones.

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Send flowers Moscow-

That is one way of saying it. But, in reality, we deliver messages. If you are looking for a place to find the perfect gift to express your love, friendship, care, or passion, online flower delivery is the solution. We make sure that your message is delivered in the right way so that you can get the response you are expecting.

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Flowers to Moscow -

Amaze your loved ones with the most gracious collection of rose bouquets. We are an online flower delivery shop Moscow that provides the most heartfelt bouquets, sure to melt the heart of your loved ones.

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Moscow flower delivery-

Romantic red, elegant white, passionate pink – we have roses for all occasions. Make your order and we will assemble the bouquet the way you want and deliver it within the time you have specified.